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. . . Answers to Questions

Sure. That’s an important question that asks for a very important answer. Nevertheless, there are more important questions to ask – about your business. You need to know more about your product, your customers, and your sales. Let’s see what kind of answers you may find.

Questions for Your Product

Know your product inside and out. Use it and explore it and figure out what it does and how and why. Ask questions along the way. Use the WSGAT approach – What’s So Great About That? – and delve in deeper to the details. Start with answering the question about your product – and then ask WSGAT again – and again. You’ll dig through to the real reasons your product is worth it. Worth selling. Worth buying. Learn the worth of your product.

Questions for Your Customers

Your search is not for customers, but for the perfect customers. Who are they? Describe them in detail. Have someone specific in mind who you can envision. Ask questions and add color to this avatar so that you can describe the person to the T. Give your perfect customer a name and then ask questions. Why does this perfect customer want your product? Why does this perfect customer need your product? By getting a clear picture, your advertising strategies and marketing campaigns can focus on the one who will buy. Learn the wants and needs of those customers.

Questions for Your Sales

Look at the bottom line. How is business? Are expenses up and sales down? Or are you hearing that exciting Cha-Ching of the old-fashioned cash register more often as you go along? Ask questions about your business. Why is it successful? How could it be even more so? What changes could be made? What’s up ahead? Learn as much as you can from others in your field. Find out how they do things, what works, what doesn’t. Learn the business of success.

These questions are sometimes difficult to ask and perhaps the answers are not what you expected. Keeping tabs on the essential aspects of your business will help to move it forward – and perhaps more quickly.

We’ve got some answers to your questions, too, at Rank Up Now. Check out this site and take a look. Nick Anderson and Kyle Lee Weber, the RUN Guys, know just what you need for your business to boom. As for those wedding bells, pop that question when the answer looks like YES!