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… Close at Hand

We certainly don’t want our customers migrating for the winter!  Instead, we need to keep them nearby, encouraging them to linger and maybe even buy more.  Even better, we want them to stick around through all seasons and bring some of their friends along, too.  What are the best ways to retain your customers? Let’s figure this out together.

Say “Please

How do we say please to potential customers?  We share the details of our product or service and let them know what is different and better than our competitors.  For our current customers, we say please when we ask for their feedback on a survey or encourage them to write a review.  We want to get their feedback. They become our knowledge base since they use what we sell.  The information they provide is current and when they give us the thumbs-up with a positive review, we can say please again to ask if we can share what they’ve told us as a testimonial.

Say “Thank You

When people ask for information about our product or service, right away we say thank you for their interest.  Reach out in a text or an email or a phone call to welcome new customers on board.  When customers have been loyal, we say thank you with exclusive offers and special sales and cool swag, among other things.  We want these folks to know how much they mean to us by staying in contact. Send them a quick email telling them about a new release.  Share with them the latest company news so that they feel as though they are in the know. Do extra things to show your appreciation. Make it so your customers come back and thank you!

Say “We Miss You

Keep track of your customers.  When a few of them haven’t been around in awhile, send out a message saying We miss you, letting them know that you’ve noticed that.  You’re wondering how things are going. Don’t let too much time go by between interactions.  People need to feel special. Explain the details of your product or service to them. Educate them about your product and help them to take full advantage of what it offers.  When people understand better what a product can do, they’ll be pleased by what THEY can do with it. Don’t give up on a customer. Continue to reach out. Some studies spell it out for us:  getting a new customer can cost 5 to 25 times more than keeping a seasoned one on board. Let these absent customers know they are of value to you and your business.

These tips will help you keep your customers close at hand.  We can also help you keep in better touch. Use the tools and techniques we have for you at Rank Up Now to connect with potential customers and to stay in touch with your current ones.  Nick Anderson and Kyle Lee Weber, the RUN Guys, will share what they’ve learned along the way about feeding the flock!