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Smiles are good.  A happy customer is the best one to have.  Why? They’ll talk. They’ll tell. They’ll come back.   Better yet, they might bring more like them. So how do we keep our customers happy?  How can we attract folks who will keep coming back? Let’s look at some ways to generate positive customer reviews.

They Need a REASON

You want to make sure that your product or service is the best it can be – and that your customers feel that way, too.  Focus on quality rather than quantity – and that pertains to customers, too. Provide a 100% guarantee – no matter what.  Should a customer have a problem with some aspect of what they’ve purchased, find out more about it. Ask for details. Make changes.  Make the whole process interactive. Your customers can teach you much about your business from their vantage point – and that’s valuable information.  Remember, too, that new customers come along after hearing about your product or service from those who have already purchased. Word-of-mouth is often more convincing than any other campaign you may launch.  Make sure that your current customers have something to crow about!

They Need a PLACE

How can your customers provide feedback to you on their experience of your product or service?  Encourage your happy camper customers to post Google or Yelp Reviews to keep the positive comments at the top of the list.  Also, if you business has a website, make sure that there is a place where people can leave comments and ask questions. Ask open-ended questions when you connect with customers in real time – find out what they are saying and why.  Get specific details. Create incentives for their loyalty – like discounts for certain products or services when they fill out a survey or allow you to use their comments in your next sales campaign.

They Need a RESPONSE

Whenever a customer has a complaint or question, be sure to provide a response as soon as humanly possible.  That interaction is critical. Reach out and connect with them. Thank them for their feedback and tell them what the results will be.  Businesses are built one customer at a time, so friendly exchanges are crucial, even with the customer who is not happy yet. More often, customers keep coming back because of you – because of how you treat them and respond to them.  You may also learn from customers what new products or services you can offer based on their feedback.  

Potential customers often make purchasing decisions after reading reviews on the Internet.  When happy customers post positive comments about your business, that can bring in new customers.  Just think – these reviews are effective and you didn’t pay anything at all for that kind of marketing and promotion!  Aim to keep your current customers pleased with your product or service and just watch while more customers join them.

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