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You want them to notice your marketing email message.  How do you do that? Write an intriguing subject line! Selecting just the right words will make the difference between a message being opened and read — or not.  If the message goes unnoticed, then your efforts are for naught, a word that someone as old as Shakespeare would write.  Let’s find out what the right words might be in this century.

Less is Better

Let’s not put the entire message in the subject line!  Remember that if your subject line is too long, some of the words won’t be visible on mobile devices.  In fact, you won’t have a choice where the subject line is truncated, so that could turn into quite a disaster:  “Can’t wait to steal….” from the full text of “Can’t wait to steal your heart away!” After you’ve come up with the text, count to make sure that it is 50 letters or fewer.  That’s not much. This text right here has exactly 50 letters in all.  If you have more, then look at each word and see if it’s necessary.  Long ago people had to pay by the word when sending a telegram. Put yourself in that mindset.

Choosing Words

It depends on what you are selling, but your message may draw upon these two types of words:  positive or empowering. Think of how you feel when people use these words with you: sunshine … laughter … payday … vacation … hug … and even pizza.  Those are positive words that make you think of happier times. These words may empower you: genuine … excellence … upbeat … paradise … winner … and even smile.  Use words that bring positive or empowering thoughts to your potential customers. Also, use action verbs, ones that encourage the reader to do something: “Open this right now” or “Come to the sale of the century!” or “Find a 25% coupon in this message.”

Ask a Question

Often that curly punctuation mark gives people pause to ponder.  They might just stop in their tracks and take a look at the message to answer that question.  Or perhaps it’s a question that they must ask themselves. Whichever way it is, asking a question often will intrigue a potential customer, and that’s what you want.  Once you have their attention, you’re that much closer to a sale. One question may lead to another, but just be sure to provide an answer in your message!

Something Special

Create a subject line that makes the recipient feel special.  By using words like “gift,” “invited,” “exclusive,” and even the word “special” itself, the receiver may have a sense of belonging.  When people feel as though they are chosen, hand-picked, selected among many, that has a strong appeal. You want your customers to feel exclusive, to feel like they are insiders, to be in your inner circle.

You only have a split-second to get their attention.  People tend to quickly scan subject lines and then only open a few.  Write a subject line that will ensure that your messages are read. There’s more to learn about connecting with your customers and personalizing your marketing.  Come join us at Rank Up Now, and we’ll teach you what we’ve discovered along the way.  Those lessons learned will certainly put some zing into the words you use!