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How often do you say that?  “Sure I can!” That’s what it takes to launch a positive way of thinking.  Too often we can worry ourselves out of reaching our potential, out of trying new things, out of taking a leap for it.  How can we train our brain so that we become an optimist rather than a pessimist, reaching for the positive rather than dipping for the negative? Let’s consider some ways to do that.

Smile More!

Your face tells a story.  Others see the tension in your face before they even hear the tension in your tone.  Lighten up your perspective by putting a smile on your face. Those muscles in your face, the ones that you can control by smiling or frowning, are connected to the emotional part of your brain which keeps a tight rein on your moods.  If you want to think more positively, make your face look more positive. Smiling more tells your brain, “Sure I can!”

Read More!

Dark words can turn into dark thoughts.  Instead, choose words of inspiration – putting a burst of light into your ideas.  Or read things that make you laugh outright. That chuckle will do more than lighten up your perspective.  Or read how to do something and learn something new. All of these will recharge your way of thinking and make you excited about a different approach.  Reading the right stuff tells your brain, “Sure I can!”

Spend More!

Some may read this heading as “Spend more….money!”  Not so. Spend more time with people who think positively.  We really do start to reflect the thoughts and moods of those we spend time with.  In fact, if you want to get to know someone better, watch his or her dog carefully.  Some will tell you that dogs reflect the personality of their owners. People who are sour will sour your thinking.  Avoid them whenever possible. Instead, cozy up to those who are upbeat and energized. Spending time with positive people tells your brain, “Sure I can!”

Replace More!

Whenever you feel a negative thought surfacing, zap it.  Move it way out of the way by replacing it with something positive.  Flip your perspective so that you see that glass half full rather than half empty.  Negative thoughts can decay your confidence and immobilize your plans. Don’t let that happen.  Be on the lookout for any thought that begins to erode your attitude. Replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones tells your brain, “Sure I can!”

Sing More!

Do you find this tip surprising?  It’s a proven fact that singing will lighten your mood.  No need to sing in public unless that would please you and others.  Let music do its magic, let a melody recharge your tune. Turn on your favorite song and belt out the words.  If you can’t remember the words, just la-la-la. Even do a soft-shoe shuffle if you are so inclined. Singing a cheerful tune tells your brain, “Sure I can!”

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform” (Roy T. Bennett).  Most will tell you that their comfort zone includes keeping their feet on the ground. Instead, take a lesson here from RUN Guy Nick Anderson who will tell you the view is different when you make the leap.  Speaking of that, why not change your view by making a leap with Rank Up Now?  That will certainly change your perspective and empower your business.