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When you mine your mind, you expand your perspective and come up with new ideas.  If we don’t dig into the gray matter, we don’t do things differently than we have before, and our thinking becomes stale and sluggish.  When we drill through the routine and the humdrum, we can boost our brain to do so much more. Let’s look at some ways that we can boost our brains.

Breathe in More Air

We tend to be shallow breathers.  Those who have learned otherwise, like opera stars or long-distance runners, find that the extra oxygen makes all the difference.  Our minds need the extra air. When you find your mind wandering, when you find yourself bored, stop for a few minutes and take in some more air.  Try it right now. Sit down, feet on the floor, close your eyes, center yourself, and take in several deep breaths, slowly inhaling, count to 10, and then slowly exhale.  Expand the inside part of your body with air, starting with your abdomen and then moving up to your lungs. You’ve just taken a mini-vacation, of benefit to your mind and to your body.  You have just mined your mind by breathing deeply.

Take a Quick Break

There is some awe and ahhh in pause.  Don’t just keep going and going and doing and doing – that might just maim your brain.  In fact, only spend an hour doing whatever you are doing. Then – take a break. Even if it’s just to get up and drink a glass of water – or to run outside and throw a frisbee with your puppy – just do something.  Step outside of your routine for a few minutes and you’ll feel refreshed when you return to the task. The break will recharge your brain and give you a refreshed perspective on what you were doing. You have just mined your mind by briefly stepping away.

Find Something Funny

That’s right.  See the humor in life.  Our brain is busy with unfunny thoughts and serious facts.  Those stressors strain the brain, often sapping the ingenuity and creativity right out of us.  Instead of allowing that, take the time for frequent laugh breaks. Look for punchlines. Chuckle over the antics of others. Call those who make you laugh. Treat yourself to a guffaw because that laughter zaps a different part of your brain than the usual work horse section of the command center.  You have just mined your mind by laughing right out loud.

Brainstorm with Others

We think by ourselves for most of our days.  We root around in our brains, coming up with ideas based on our perspective, our insights, and our experiences.  We can double, triple, or quadruple those ideas when we sit around a table with others focusing on a topic. Uniting the brain power of others, we can see where it takes us. With a fired-up brainstorming session, you’ll often see things differently.  You have just mined your mind by swapping ideas around the table.

When you mine your mind with a quick break during the day, all sorts of cerebral combustion can take place.  Take charge of your thoughts, unleash your creativity, and think at your best. Want to boost your business in the same way? Use Rank Up Now to help you focus on what you want to accomplish and mind your mine!