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Henry Ford showed us all how it is done:  by combining forces with others, you are not alone in your creation of a product.  He taught America about assembly lines and instead of taking 12 hours for a car to be built, it only took his crew 2-½ hours.  So much time saved – and with that, more money to be made. So what’s that have to do with an acorn?


Instead of selling your product or service one person at a time, learn to automate the process.  Just like Henry Ford creating his automobiles one car at a time with his bare hands, you’ll spend so much time and energy reaching out to one customer at a time.  Build a team, use our software, and connect with more people in less time.


That’s right!  Using the RUN software helps you capture the leads in your system with push notifications and templated email messages to connect with those folks out there.

O is for OFTEN

Marketing is too often bad-mouthed by others.  Why? Because of those twisted snake-oil salesmen out there who give out a shoddy product with a whish of their hands and a grab for your money.  Change that reputation. Our technology is simple to use so that you can focus on your stellar product or service rather than focusing on scrambling from door-to-door, presentation-to-presentation.  Capture it one time in a video – and then use that a hundred times instead of making a hundred separate presentations.

R is for RUN

Rank Up Now (RUN) is the assembly line for the production of your “cars.”  Envision contacting new prospects using our app, not in slow mo, but in atom-fast speed.  How does it work? Whenever a push comes in, you are notified and then you can contact the potential customer immediately by phone, by text, or by email.  Quick contact is the best way to ensure a sale.

N is for NOW

There’s no time like now.  If the acorn had not gotten busy yesterday, there would be no oak tree today.  Give Rank Up Now a free try. Test drive the software with a free 14-day trial. Click here to start your engines!

RUN is the way to take an ACORN and build a forest.  Think like an entrepreneur and allow your business to leap into action.  See for yourself: Rank Up Now and Billionaire Henry Ford.

Want to get started on learning more about acorns?  Join the RUN Guys and get started with Rank Up Now today.  You and RUN can boost your business numbers right off the charts.