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Social media has changed the world we live in – making it possible for us to connect with people either long-lost or maybe even forgotten.  Because of that, as a business owner, you have much more leverage with technology. Just look at the numbers – over the past four years, Rank Up Now has created 6.5 million leads!  Read on to learn more.


Often people will throw themselves into social media to find potential customers.  They’ll join everything and try to master it all. That doesn’t work. Instead, it’s much more important to master one platform.  Then what? Create an audience using that platform. Connect with others, and soon you’ll have people seeking out your posts, wanting to follow you.

Then What?

After going to many presentations and conferences, The Run Guys learned that there are four stages to successful marketing.  First, you identify a problem.  Describe it.  Seek out opinions about it.  Connect with those who also have experience with this problem.  Based on that, you tap into the desire of those to make a change.  Once you’ve connected with that audience, then you provide a solution.  When they show an interest in that, the final stage is the close.  That’s all there is to it – four stages – problem, desire, solution, close.

So What?

With attraction marketing, those who learned a solution to their problem thanks to you will become your advocates.  They’ll tell others. They’ll sell others. And what’s totally wild is this: like the RUN Guys, you can sponsor thousands of customers without even talking to them!  Let email marketing do the trick! Watch the video to learn more:

Want to grow and grow using social media?  You can do that and more. Join the RUN Guys, Nick Anderson and Kyle Lee Weber, and get started with Rank Up Now today.  You and RUN can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!