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Want a friend?  How about thousands of them?  If you fall into that trap, you could very well ruin your business, especially if it’s on Instagram? What???  Yes, that’s what the RUN Guys tell you in this video:

These RUN Guys have been the mad scientists for us all – trying this and doing that – to see what works well and what does not.  They’ve ridden the crest on Instagram – buying leads, addicted to the “Likes,” flashing their reputations, excited about their own popular.  That’s not what works. It’s a waste of time with few results. So what should you do?

Watch the video, and you’ll learn so much from the RUN Guys.  They’ll tell you that Instagram can be a scrolling waste of time.  Instead, help more people. Focus on the value of your service or product and how it can help others.  And remember: You can’t build your business in one day, but you can lose it all in one day.  

Work on your character instead of your reputation.  Aim for being profitable rather than popular. Focus your marketing campaign on what counts – testimonials, the success of your clients, showcase those who exceed even your own results.  

Ha – and by the end of the video, you’ll discover the significance of stepping barefoot on a Lego piece.As for the RUN Guys?  Nick Anderson and Kyle Weber – these marketing marvels want to help you.  Try Rank Up Now – an app, system, and software  – and see how you can use RUN to build a MASSIVE business.  Become a RUNner and go the distance!