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Knock, Knock.  Who’s there? Ali Zamany!  Want to become a savvy salesman who closes more deals than the rest of your team?  Ali Zamany has done that and can even say – “Over a billion sold.”  If you adopt what the Sales King knows, putting his top sales secrets to work, more doors will open for you.

Viral Kyle interviews Zamany to uncover those secrets so that you can learn how to boost your sales.  Remember that door-knocking introduces you to a new potential customer, so you need to know how to make sure that the door is open to you.  Watch the video and soak it all in:

As for Kyle?  Kyle Weber and Nick Anderson are the RUN Guys – the two entrepreneurs behind Rank Up Now – an app, system, and software that will help you build a MASSIVE business.  

Figure out how much money you want to make and then use attraction marketing to make that and more.  Learn to RUN!