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People are making it work.  They are using social media to rank up their businesses and become even more successful.  Would you like to do that? Of course you would. But where do you learn how? Rank Up Now and the RUN Guys are glad to share with you what they’ve learned along the way.  

Three Ways to Get Your Brand Out There

Growing your business with social media marketing is not difficult – but it’s important to build your presence before you launch.  How do you do that?

One way is to provide influencer deals. What is that?  Once you have a following to influence others, you can encourage them to make certain purchases.  When companies see your level of activity, you may be able to provide your followers good deals on their products or services.  

Another way is to speak out – create videos or make presentations at well-attended events and conferences.  Get out there and let others know you are there. Develop an online presence and personality – brand yourself.  Feel comfortable enough to reach out to potential customers out there.

A third way is paid promotions.  You’ll need to be well along the way to get the attention of companies.  When you do, they will often hire those active and successful in social media to promote their products or services.  Cha-ching.

Okay – I’d Like to Do All This.  Now What?

You’ll need to take some kind of tutorial to learn the ins and outs of all of this.  You’ll find a number of them out there, but be mindful: some of them come with a hefty price tag.  Not so at Rank Up Now with the RUN Guys – they offer a free video so get out your pen and paper to take down important notes.  

So What IS Rank Up Now and How Can It Help Me?

Rank Up Now has helped over 80,000 entrepreneurs in the last four years.  They tell you not to hound your family, friends, and neighbors, encouraging them to purchase your product or service.  Let them come to you. It works! Their attraction marketing plan has already generated over 6-½ million leads. RUN will show you how to get qualified buyers to come to you.  

In order to launch attraction marketing for your business using social media, get out there and learn as much as you can.  Choose your venue and spend your time in there. Take the trainings that the RUN Guys offer and put those to good use. Watch the RUN Guys right now as they tell you how you can become a well-known social influencer.  

And to learn more about what they know?  Join the RUN Guys by clicking on this link – Take a look at the training they’ll offer you. Learn more and give your business a boost on social media.  That will speed up your business!