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Want potential customers to know all about your company?  The secret ingredient to successful online marketing is finding the best keywords.  We can unlock that secret for you with our video on keyword research and tell you about the best free keyword tools to use.  In less than half an hour, you’ll learn how your niche market will see your videos and content by ranking up your SEO score.

What is an SEO Score?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Sure, that sounds complicated, doesn’t it? All it means is that your potential customers will find out about your product and service easily and quickly. How do you rank up that score?  The words you use on your website matter and how other sites link with you on the Internet. That score can also be raised by how your site is structured so that search engines understand where to find what.  You also want your website to be easy for people to wander through, discovering what they want and need.

How Can I Rank Up the SEO Score?

You’ll need to find terms and phrases (keywords) the actually bring people to your website.  How do you find those? Google and YouTube will help you. It’s so simple! Using their tools – like Google Trends – you type in various words that are used with your business and see how often people use those words when they are doing a search.  Those are the keywords you want to use on your site. Easy peasy! Take a look at our free video to learn more.

How Can Rank Up Now Help You?

Rank Up Now (RUN) will help you just as we have helped 80,000 entrepreneurs in the last four years.  Instead of pestering family, friends, neighbors, and people in the supermarket checkout line about becoming a customer of yours, we will show you how to get qualified buyers to come to you!  You’ll be amazed. Our attraction marketing plan has generated over 6-½ million leads for our happy clients.

What’s Next?

In order to launch attraction marketing for your business, you’ll need to learn some important lessons about branding – branding for yourself and for your team.  We’ll teach you how to do that. We’ve got the right tools and software so that you make the best use of your time and effort. In fact, we’ve already done much of the work for you!

First step?  Come find out and see how you can RUN by clicking on this link –  Go for a test drive.  See how our software works.  Check out the system and the App.  You’ll definitely go from a walk to a RUN on your way to build a massive business, and the RUN Guys will cheer you on every step of the way!