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CBD and Hemp Oil has been on the up and up.  Type in CBD in Google Trends and you’ll see that over the past five years, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people who type in CBD when on Google.

Customers seek it out for a variety of health reasons, using it in drops, balms, or gummies. Let’s take a look at how someone promoting Liv Labs, one of the best CBD companies on the market, could use Rank Up Now to build a brand and generate more leads.  Using RUN, that entrepreneur could make money in this thriving niche market. Keep reading to learn more.

More about the What

Liv Labs produces 100% pure CBD oil.  Take a look at their website to see more about the ingredients in their products.  We are using this business as an example, but you can market any product or service using Rank Up Now.

As a business owner, what is it you want to do? You want to attract more customers and make more money.  You want to connect quickly with those who have indicated interest in your product or service to tell them more.  

More about the How

How can Rank Up Now help you do that?  RUN is based on attraction marketing, merging high tech and high touch.  

First of all, the RUN Guys have created a variety of training sessions, so you can learn about online marketing – anything from Facebook to YouTube advertising.  You learn from these two who have been highly successful in the online world – they share their experiences and their expertise with you with relevant and current tips and techniques.

You’ll find templates for landing pages that are proven to convert prospective customers into sales. When someone provides contact information on your opt-in page, you’ll get an alert on your phone.  You can send text or email or simply call that person to make that connection, to encourage that sale.

Nervous about writing those email messages? They have already been written for you. Worried about the reasons these leads may have to say no? Those responses have been scripted out for you, too. RUN helps you run your business by giving you all the tools you’ll need, all in one app.

More about the Why

Often business owners cannot take the next step.  They get to a certain point in their sales pitch and then stop.  RUN helps them keep right on running toward the sale. With the Quick Replies and the scripts to use, no leads slip through the cracks.  Each one has an ample chance to look into your business further and to communicate with you. Your landing page will be so intriguing that potential customers will want to know more.  

As the RUN Guys will quickly tell you, every business is based on communication. It’s essential to take your idea and philosophy and let others know, piercing through their technology with nudges and nods and more details.  

You now know the what, the how, and the why of this innovative marketing sales tool.  Learn more by watching this video. Listen as Nick Anderson describes RUN as the way to organize, to scale, and to manage your business.  

Once you see how Rank Up Now works, consider how it will rank up your business, helping you to communicate with your potential customers.  You will learn how to bridge that gap between question and answer, between prospect and devotee, between lead and sale. Rank Up Now will help you get there!  

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