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Business often dead-ends.  Why? Potential customers are not contacted in a timely way.  Join Rank Up Now to help your team rank up now. You can grow your small business fast with leads, sales, and duplication.  Your team will never lose a prospect. Let’s see how this unique program and app can make it easy to rank up your business to be more successful.

Rank Up with Leads

RUN takes full advantage of attraction marketing.  Whatever you are selling, you want to make your marketing specific for your target prospects.  We can help you with that. You can edit templates for your landing pages to make it highlight your business by changing the headlines and the sub-headlines.  You can indicate what the next step will be. What will your leads see next? A thank you email message? A link to your video? Send them to your Facebook page?  Take notes on your leads – categorize each one and keep track of them. You can do that with RUN.

Rank Up with Sales

RUN includes top-of-the-line five-star training so that you will hear that cha-ching for each sale.  Learn from Nick and Kyle, the RUN Boys. They’ve done it. They’ve earned six-digit incomes in online marketing.  We’ve got scripts for you to use when you make calls and quick replies for you to use when you send text or email messages.  It’s all written out for you. Want to make changes to the text? You can do that, too. Change the text to suit your purpose or your style.  We’ll teach you how to grow your small business quickly and never lose a prospect.

Rank Up with Duplication

We’ll train you and your team with RUN.  When they complete a training session, they earn points and with more points, they earn badges.  Rank Up Now makes it fun to learn! You can keep track of how quick the response time is for them to contact leads and then coach your team if need be.  You’ll close a higher number of sales by contacting leads more quickly. RUN will help you sell whatever product or service you are promoting by making it easy to keep track of your leads and your sales.  And fun! Those on your team will want to be the one with the most badges!

Want to rank up your business?  Then take full advantage of Rank Up Now – come on board and try it out.  Try it first and then pay later. We’re convinced that a trial run will make you want to continue running and running–faster and faster!  Want a more successful business? Rank Up Now will help you get there! Just watch this video and see.